Mechanical Enginnering

Mechanical Engineering

Established in the year 2009, the department is well equipped with state-ofthe-art laboratories and infrastructural facilities in the current and broad areas of Thermal Engineering, Kinematics and Dynamics, Manufacturing Technologies,CAD and CAM. A contemporary approach is given to this conventional course to create awareness among students on the career options indiversedomains.

Student Activities

Value added short-term courses are conducted during vacations and in the evenings of working days to enhance the hands-on training of the students
CNC programming & operations
Master Cam
To enrich the technical knowledge of our students Industrial visits are being arranged three times in a semester.
In-plant training are mandatory for our students during the semester vacations.
Engineering association meetings are organized where in resource from neighboring industries and institutions are being invited for lectures and seminars to uplift our students to cope up with the present industrial scenario. Our students also present papers in the technical symposium organized by other institutions.

Empowering Education

Our students are well trained in

Manufacturing Technology Lab-I
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab
Electrical Engineering Lab
Manufacturing Technology Lab-II
Strength of Materials Lab
Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab
Thermal Engineering Lab
Kinematics and Dynamics Lab
Electronics and Microprocessors Lab
Simulation and Analysis Lab
Computer Aided Manufacturing Lab
Heat Power & Mechatronics Lab
Metrology and Measurements Lab.


We take pride in our highly qualified faculty, state of the art facilities and diverse student population that we foster at our institutions. We describe our instituion as a temple of knowledge, whose sanctity is retained by our students wherever they go. Being a part of our JKKM family is something our students take pleasure in and show appreciation for, all their lives.whose sanctity is retained by our students wherever they go. Being a part of our JKKM family is something our students.


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