Department of Electronics and Communication

Electronics and Communication

This department was established in the year 2008. In all walks of life and in all areas of industrial applications,electronics is one word that finds a prominent place

Electronics and Communication Engineering is swiftly advancing field with new ideas emerging every seconds.Enriching the students with not just a strong theoretical base, but also excellent practical exposure,this department grooms future engineering professionals.The department places strong emphasis on fundamentals, so that the student is induced to comprehend subjects in an interesting and easy manner

Student Activities

To make the students compete with the current scenario of industrial needs , value based education is given by the department.To enhance the hands - on training of the students,various Value added courses are conducted in the following topics with the guidance continuing Education cell to complete with latest trends.
Simple Electronic Circuits Designing & Simulation
Embedded Systems
Electronic Hardware Servicing
To upgrade the technical skills of the students , in-plant training are made mandatory during the vacation.

Empowering Education

Our students are well trained in

Electronic Circuits I Lab.
Digital Electronics Lab
Electronic Circuits-II Lab Linear Integrated Circuits Lab
Electronic Design Lab
Micro processor & Micro controller Lab
Networks Lab
Digital Signal Processing Lab
Optical and Microwave Lab
Electronic System Design Lab
Analog and Digital Communication Lab


We take pride in our highly qualified faculty, state of the art facilities and diverse student population that we foster at our institutions. We describe our instituion as a temple of knowledge, whose sanctity is retained by our students wherever they go. Being a part of our JKKM family is something our students take pleasure in and show appreciation for, all their lives.whose sanctity is retained by our students wherever they go. Being a part of our JKKM family is something our students.


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