Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical and electronics engineering

Our main Aim the young engineers to fare the global challenges they are taking place in their field. The department has leading industries to develop institute interaction for the benefit of students. The global of the department is know how in the field of electrical design, micro controller and embedded systems.

The Department has always strived to maintain its high standards.Apart from the theoretical course work. The department believes that the students should have a sound knowledge in practical work. It view of above the department offers practical courses in Electrical Machines, wiring, winding, control of Electrical machines,micro controller, power electronics.These labs promise to use new and challenging problems to the students and provide the necessary knowledge. The students of the department always hold the name of the institution in good repute. The aim of the Electrical and Electronics is the transmission of information with least probability of error.


We take pride in our highly qualified faculty, state of the art facilities and diverse student population that we foster at our institutions. We describe our instituion as a temple of knowledge, whose sanctity is retained by our students wherever they go. Being a part of our JKKM family is something our students take pleasure in and show appreciation for, all their lives.whose sanctity is retained by our students wherever they go. Being a part of our JKKM family is something our students.

Students Activities

EVEREST-Association name of EEE Students
R-Resource fully
special coaching in English communication classes
Daily conducting yoga classes at evening time
Semester wise totally 14 programme conducted in EVEREST association including specially Researched and development seminars.
Guest lecture by Engineer from various industries Student are motivated to do mini-projects to acquire practical experience National Seminar & conference are arranged in various thrust fields # students are trained to do some of the working modals to enhance their learning capabilities
Entrepreneurship development programs to motivate for self employments


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